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          Postal Service aging delivery vehicles causing fire concerns - USPS issues press release related to Michigan crash and burn -Comments (Count)
          Mississippi rural carrier shot in the head on route, in extreme critical condition -Comments (Count)
          Denverites in Whittier neighborhood getting mail again, but USPS can't account for what went wrong -Comments (Count)
          Three will serve lengthy prison sentences for 2018 heist of Nebraska postal truck -Comments (Count)
          Another Guardsman prevented from returning to work at the USPS -Comments (Count)
          Hoarding other people's mail spells federal sentence for Charlotte man -Comments (Count)
          Amazon lifts FedEx ground delivery ban for sellers -Comments (Count)
          Lawsuit: Post Office ignored sexual harassment complaint, told woman it was too late -Comments (Count)
          The TSP's fast-growing self-made millionaires club -Comments (Count)
          USPS halts mail delivery to select military bases in Iraq -Comments (Count)
          Postal worker sentenced to 25 months for identity theft, bank fraud -Comments (Count)
          Postal Chief's Delay on Retirement Signals Outside Candidates -Comments (Count)
          Does the USPS owe its retirees health care like Social Security? -Comments (Count)
          The most trusted brand in America is... USPS! -Comments (Count)
          Why Everyone Should Care Who the Next Postmaster General Is -Comments (Count)
          USPS plans for new delivery trucks to replace aging fleet  | Postal Service Readying New Contract -Comments (Count)
          Postal worker assaulted, robbed on Denver mail route -Comments (Count)
          Postal Retirement Q&A January/February 2020 by Roseanne Jefferson -Comments (Count)
          Leominster postal worker honored for running into burning home, escorting family out -Comments (Count)
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          Roseanne Jefferson is happy toanswer yourpostalretirement questions. - Recent - 2017 - 2016 -2015 - 2014 -2013 -2012 -2011 -2010
          TOP STORIES
          USPS Releases Five-Year Business Plan
          1.16.2020 -Federal News Network reports: "In an effort to course-correct from more than a decade of net financial losses, the Postal Service on Wednesday released its long-awaited five year-business plan. The sweeping document comes nearly eight months after Postmaster General Megan Brennan told members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee that she and the USPS Board of Governors would release a 10-year business plan to address a $125 billion shortfall the agency expects to face over that period." GovExec: Changes alone will not save the USPS -Lexington Institute Analysis - Broad in scope and vision, brimming with business management keywords, but short on actual substance or specifics:Five-Year Strategic Plan (PDF) - Comments (Count)
          REPORT: Puerto Rico Postal Employees Working Under Dire Conditions After Earthquake
          1.12.2020 -PostalMag.com reports: "PostalMag.com has received a report from a USPS employee in Puerto Rico about damage and unsafe working conditions following the magnitude 6.4 earthquake on January 7th, 2020." - Comments (Count)
          APWU: Contract Negotiations Headed to Arbitration After Mediation Fails -Comments (Count)
          NALC 132: Chaos and Catastrophe With Consolidated Casing -Comments (Count)
          Nevada Weather
          When you get fired and the union brings you back
          Custer, Washington Post Office
          Santa Carrier
          You could have ordered this stuff weeks ago
          Postmaster General Award
          Organized Chaos
          USPS driver throws package against front door
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